Instagram launched brand new Rio Geostickers

Look what cool tool Instagram launched on that 20th! It’s the Geostickers, inside the Stories. A project already carried out in some cities around the world, such as Tokyo, London, Chicago, Madrid, Sao Paulo and now here in Rio de Janeiro. I had the pleasure of drawing 8 of these classic places of the city. Use the “Stories” tool, take a photo or make a video and tag location with one of my neighborhood logos. 

Each of them was designed trying to keep the atmosphere of the neighborhood, its lines, and striking colors. Most of this places are “must visit” if you travel or live in Rio.

Let me know where you used any of these geostickers in the comments

colorful drawings representing the locations of the citystickers_folha2


Hello, I’m Darruda, you’re welcome! Some things you need to know about me: I’m a graphic designer and illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I focus on the conceptual value of the images. I use minimal elements to create a logo. I tell stories with my illustrations. I’m available for new commissions and licensing existing images. Don’t miss out on my Shop and my Blog.

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