Certain Things Catch the Eye but Pursue those that Capture the Heart


“New Life”

Ted and Fin were longtime partners who loved their freedom. They liked to face challenges, traveling the world and meet new people. One day Ted, the Leopard had a brilliant idea. Travel around the world on a motorcycle. It would take planning and a lot of dedication from both sides. They needed constraints to the immense possibilities that existed. After 500 days on the road and 50 countries, they stopped to watch a beautiful sunset. It was the end of a big journey and the beginning of a new life.


. . .



When it comes to being creative, constraints give you a starting point and a challenge to solve. It doesn’t matter how constrained you feel. The world is filled with a lot of possibilities from limited resources and elements.
Creativity involves different ways of doing things. But being creative also involves constraints, which can either promote or preclude creativity.

We actually need constraints to get creative. We need the boundaries to inspire thinking that changes possibility. Start with your constraints are fundamental to produce great work. Look beyond what’s being done and start seeing what’s possible. And, if you’re burning out, do something you probably never considered before.

In many cases, you have issues that have not yet been resolved, and problems that you have no obvious solution. These problems require a creative approach. When you are free to solve a problem, you tend to be uncreative, focusing on what’s worked best in the past. Such freedom can hinder creativity.

How can you promote creativity by putting severe time deadlines and financial pressures on your clients that force you to come up with new solutions?

Let me hear your opinion in the comments!




“Certain things catch the eye, but pursue those that capture the heart” is an Ancient Indian Proverb.


Olá, sou Darruda, você é bem vindo! Algumas coisas que você precisa saber sobre mim: Sou designer gráfico e ilustrador no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Eu me concentro no valor conceitual das imagens. Eu uso elementos mínimos para criar um logotipo. Eu conto histórias com minhas ilustrações. Eu tenho uma marca de camisetas divertidas chamada Darruda T-shirts. Estou disponível para parcerias e licenciamento de imagens existentes. Não perca minha loja e meu blog.

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