New Technologies that might Scare You


“The Dinosaurs Society”

Exactly 65 million years ago between Dinosaurs, lived Ben, the first creature on Earth. He was full of dreams and fascinated by the charms of the woods. Everything was new and scary. When he first joined The Dinosaurs Society, he knew the leader Rex, the Tyrannosaurus. He was the most advanced creature so far. Respectable and feared for everybody. They talked all day long and found a great connection. Ben could not imagine that his greatest fear would become his best friend.


. . .


New technologies often stay between reality, dreams, and nightmares. Inventions from movies and cartoons are being brought to society every day. It seems society were terrified since the first personal computer appear. New Technology and creativity are advanced processes being developed every day.

Is this new technology scary or essential?

I decided to list on this post four of this new features and technologies which I found incredible. Be careful. It might be scary.

Here they are!


Military Robots
In the way to perfect the super soldier, Scientists of DARPA created a solution for a large number of sickness among the soldiers. They came up with microscopic robots that can be injected directly into the soldier. These nanobots can self-diagnose and repair any abnormal cells they encounter, thus curing illnesses.


3D Print Body
Using bioprinting, scientists harvest stem cells and grow them in a petri dish. The resulting mix is used as the filament in a 3D printer to produce the desired body parts. This guarantees that the body has no adverse reaction when the new organ is transplanted in.


DNA Design
New York artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg has a unique project using a technique called polymerase chain reaction. She sequenced DNA from the waste of gum that’s been chewed, cigarette butts, bits of discarded hair to get distinguishing markers like gender, eye color, hair color, complexion, etc. Using a 3D printer, she then created a face and brought it to life.


Invisible Computers
A fantastic project called Google Jacquard by Levis and Google turns the structure of the textiles as the same as the structure of touch screens. That means, that if you just replace some of the threads in textiles with conductive threads, you should be able to weave a textile which can recognize a variety of simple touch gestures. So if you can hide or weave interactivity and input devices into the materials that will be the first step to making computers invisibly integrated into objects, clothing, and society.


Did you know any new technology that would scare you today? I would love to hear from you in the comments!




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