Why You Should Go For a Walk to Inspire Your Creativity

“Walking for creativity”

Nick was a writer tormented by nightmares. A blank sheet of paper gave him insomnia, affected him, and the difficulty of writing a single sentence was visible. His mind was blank. One day, he put his All Star shoes and went for a walk around the city. He was admired by the bird’s sounds, the clouds in the sky, the sea breeze and women’s beauty. The world became his true inspiration for new stories and books. As he walked his creativity grew faster. He never feared a blank page anymore.

. . .


You’ve lived this scene. You’re searching for creativity and it’s just not coming. Inspiration does not happen overnight. If you’re looking for the big idea and don’t have time to set yourself up for inspiration, try going for a walk.

We need to take breaks regularly and frequently. They create the space for energy and creativity to flow. They give us time for reflection and inspiration as we become more sensitive and aware.

When you need your brain to stimulate creativity, going for a walk will encourage you to break your cycle in a number of ways that can all help contribute to form an idea. It’s better than being stuck at your desktop computer.

Little science has supported the idea that exercise aids creativity. Writers and artists have told that they get inspire during a walk, or exercising their bodies.

The exact causes as to why going for a walk inspire creativity are still unknown, though this study puts forward a number of potential reasons. Most important is that we move.

When you go for a walk, the heart pumps faster, circulating more blood and oxygen to the muscles and the brain. Many experiments have shown that after or during exercise, people perform better on tests of memory and attention promoting new connections between brain cells.

Walking organizes the world around you and designing organize your thoughts.

What do you do when you’re stuck? Do you have a different strategy? Let me hear you in comments!



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