What Memories Do You Keep From Your Past? Techniques to Boost Your Brain


Mr. Bone was an up and coming artist in his journey to success. His Firebird’s styling black version was fully destroyed after rolling over 16 times on the Dark Highway and ended up hitting a tree. When his soul was gone and had been purified, he needed to rest in peace. His tomb stuffed with raspberry jelly was as sweet as the memories of a life in full speed, friends, travels, and novels. It was a foggy day, 6 o’ clock in the evening. The sun was already setting when the gate doors opened. Mrs. Lucy was wearing black pants and a Slayer’s t-shirt and some other ugly stuff. The veil covered her face as a few tears trickled down. She left a red flower on the ground, prayed silently and left. About 2 hours later, Mr. Bone woke up with her sweet perfume, but she was already gone. He remembered nice stories from the past, the love from his family and his biggest romance. His memories were, even more, alive after her visit.

. . .


Memories can bring us to laughter or bring us to cry. They can be our guide, give us strength, or be our cause to stumble. But they belong to us and they are part of our story. Where we’ve been, where we’re going and who we are.

I made a list of simple things from your day to day activities that can help you to preserve and increase your memories.

Enjoy it!


Play Video Games

Games are the nice way to form better memories as you age. Playing games for 30 minutes a day has been found to significantly increase the brain’s gray matter.

Listen to Music

Music helps us memorize things through alliteration and rhythm. Singing, in general, can help boost your brain.

Make it Visual

We have both verbal and visual memories. Chances are your visual memory is much stronger. Mental pictures are more memorable, and more animated you make the images, the better. It helps to build a story and try to tap into all your senses as well.

Write it Down

Better memories come down to motivation, observation, and techniques. Take notes as you read. Start relying on your own memory.


Smells have been proven to trigger memories better than music. Coordinate smells when you’re memorizing something to when it needs to be remembered.

Chewing Gum

Chewing leads to increased blood flow to the area and therefore enables more brain activity.

. . .

Do you have other techniques to boost your brain and increase memory? Show me your magic in the comments!



Hello, I’m Darruda, you’re welcome! Some things you need to know about me: I’m a graphic designer and illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I focus on the conceptual value of the images. I use minimal elements to create a logo. I tell stories with my illustrations. I’m available for new commissions and licensing existing images. Don’t miss out on my Shop and my Blog.

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