What’s the Most Inspiring Song You Have Ever Heard?

“New songs in the city”

Brist, an old city in the South, was sunk in an economic crisis. People lived without inspiration and creativity. The mood of sadness was real, the sky was always cloudy and the stars didn’t shine anymore for years. There were no concerts, street shows, even bars. Silence took over the city. Children weren’t able to learn to play any instrument in school. One day, Jeff, a retired German air force pilot, lived in Brist for 30 years, had a brilliant idea. In order to end this, he held a meeting of aircraft in the city sky where they dumped more than 1 million musical notes, giving rise to thousands of new songs, which remained around the city and in the minds of its inhabitants for years. In a short time, the city reared, unemployment declined, as did suicide rates. Music noise brought back all the excitement of living and the inspiration that its inhabitants needed to move on their lives with joy and love.

. . .


Music can be a powerful anchor to increase your creativity, creating emotions and change your mood. At the most basic level, vibrating sounds form patterns and create energy fields of resonance and movement in its surrounding space.

New songs have a variety of impact on us. We absorb these energies and they subtly alter our breath, pulse, blood pressure, muscle tension, skin temperature and other internal rhythms.

Have you ever noticed the effect that new songs can have on your creativity?

I’m a big fan of music and listen to it a lot when working, but I had no idea about how it really affects our mood, brains, and bodies. But I know it can bring a lot of inspiration and creativity to your work.

What kind of music works best for you? Show me in the comments!


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