Why Do the Best Things Happen Offline? These Alive Apps Work Without Internet Connection


Fellini was a cat that fell into a deep sleep all day long and couldn’t wake up. He was addicted by his dreams. Everything in his life happened offline. Romance, travels, friends, and business. He knew that the connections he made online were important, but he discovered offline great resources that helped him persist in his dreams. He learned how to occupy his time in a more optimized way.

. . .

It’s rare to be offline nowadays, but if you are on the subway, traveling abroad, or you’re reaching your monthly data limit, be offline makes you sad and lonely. What do you do at this time? It’s always smart to keep data usage in check. These apps have offline skills to help you while you’re off the grid.

Enjoy it!



It’s a perfect place to store recipes, capture notes, and even capture recordings, images, and video. Sync first when you’re online and then once you’re offline, you can read all of your content.

Google Drive

Capture notes or gets work done while offline? Google Drive lets you access and edits your files offline. Select a document from your Drive and select “Available offline.” Just remember to syncing them when you re-connect.


If you’re like me, you’re always saving things to read or videos to watch later. Pocket is an app that lets you collect everything you want to read or watch later in one place. It can access your things when offline, perfect for when you need some reading.

Google Maps

Google Maps now offers full offline access but you have to save offline areas either to your device. Offline access is a great feature to take advantage of when traveling abroad or visiting a remote area. Just be aware that your offline maps have an expiration date.


Dots is a beautifully addictive puzzle game about connecting dots, focus on design. A fantastic brain exercise.

Amazon Kindle

You can read download books to read offline on the Amazon Kindle and Google Play Books apps. Just be sure to remember to complete the downloads while you have an Internet connection.

What apps do you use when you’re offline? Let me hear you in the comments!






Olá, sou Darruda, você é bem vindo! Algumas coisas que você precisa saber sobre mim: Sou designer gráfico e ilustrador no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Eu me concentro no valor conceitual das imagens. Eu uso elementos mínimos para criar um logotipo. Eu conto histórias com minhas ilustrações. Eu tenho uma marca de camisetas divertidas chamada Darruda T-shirts. Estou disponível para parcerias e licenciamento de imagens existentes. Não perca minha loja e meu blog.

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