5 Ways to Train Your Brain – The Old Magic Record of Learning

“The Learning Record”

There was a very mysterious record formerly known as “The Learning Record”, kept secret by an anonymous collector in China. It was a kind of a rapid learning. Its rotation was much faster than the records of the same time which required from people especial techniques for the learning. Its content was rich and updated every single day. While people became more clever, the record never stopped playing and learning became lifelong for the population.

. . .

The ability to learn things faster is a big asset. People who can rapidly learn new concepts, apply new and effective skills, and process new information in a short amount of time have a distinct advantage over the others.

Is speed learning only available to the masters? I think everyone can learn to learn faster, and there are a few simple tools that can help you. If these tools are committed to mastery through habit they will produce massive results in your ability to learn content faster. I decided to list some techniques based on Tim Ferriss’s Model for Rapid Learning.



Break It Into Small Things

The key to enhancing your learning capabilities is being able to break down all of your ambitions, whether they’re related to business, language, or health into a series of small, measurable, and achievable goals.

Ask Questions

Intelligence grows through curiosity. By formulating questions about the subjects you are studying, you become very focused on getting the answers. Find an expert and ask the most common mistakes beginners make.

Be Selected

Use the Principle of Pareto 80/20, where you try to identify the 20% or fewer of activities that produce 80% or more of the results. Find the smallest changes that will have the biggest effects.

Visualize the End

Doing things in reversal actually can be extremely beneficial. Look at the final product of your skill and backtracking to find the best way to begin a task.

Repeat, Repeat, and Repeat

Work your memory with repetitions. Sometimes we learn best by doing, over and over again. Create your own habits, get into action!


Do you have other techniques to learn something faster? Show me in the comments! 






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