Get Scary! Halloween Horror Stories and Origins


While things may be going bump in the night, Halloween is really a time for fun and excitement. For families, it’s one of the most enjoyable days of the year with ghostly decorations, costumes and children “trick or treating” running for candies.

Halloween has been celebrated on the 31st of October and has its origins in pagan festivals honoring the dead. Nowadays it is a chance for celebrations of all things spooky and a chance to wear costumes and play with friends, and family.

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Do you know how the name came to be?

Its name derives from “All Hallows’ Eve”. “Hallow” is an old term for “holy”, and “eve” is the same as “eve.” The term designated until the 16th century the night before All Saints Day celebrated on November 1st.

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The King of the Dead’s Tribute

Halloween has its origins in the Celtic people through the pagan festivities of late summer and early winter, the “Samhain Festival,” at the end of October. It was a tribute to the “King of the Dead”. Samhain was recognized for its bonfires. In the Middle Ages, people dressed as ghosts and other malevolent creatures and performed in exchange for food and drink.

It was believed that on this date the spirits of the dead returned to visit their homes and there could also be haunts to curse the animals and the crops. All the symbols used by the Celts were meant to ward off evil spirits.

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The Catholic origin of Halloween coincides with the feast of All Saints and is determined by the Catholic Church on November 2 as the Day of the Dead.

The Pumpkin Mania in America

In 1845, during the period known in Ireland as the “Great Famine,” 1 million people were forced to immigrate to the United States, bringing their history and traditions together.

It was in America that the pumpkin became the icon of Halloween. In the United Kingdom, the most “carved” or carved legume was a turnip.

A legend about a blacksmith named Jack who managed to be smarter than the devil and wandered like a living dead gave rise to the pumpkin luminaires that became a mark of American Halloween, marked by orange and black.

In Brazil, like other countries, Halloween is also celebrated in private parties, where people wear special costumes and watch horror movies.

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What is the scariest thing that has happened to you? Let’s share it in the comments!


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