All you Ever Wanted is on the Other Side of Fear


Quote by George W. Addair
George held up his light to serve humanity with the Omega Vector, a self-knowledge program for those individuals that wish to live more effective lives. George delivered programs that spoke to students at all different levels of spiritual understanding.


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Fear is a powerful and complicated emotion. So complex, in fact, that you may not even realize when you are expressing it. We are so scared of the unknown. Anything that we haven’t yet experienced can lead to fear. The fear factor is a normal human reaction that protects us. It alerts and prepares us to deal with upcoming danger.

Fear is not the enemy. Procrastination is the enemy. We procrastinate when we’re afraid. It’s so much easier to avoid something than it is to face it. I’m always listening to that voices telling me I’m not able to do this or that. It’s when I stop procrastinating things happen. It’s a kind of magic and it happens all the time.

Fear cannot be defeated, it won’t go away, it’s a feeling hardwired into you, most time for a good reason. The fear factor is a partner in your daily routine that becomes more clear the longer you consider it and once you actually try it for yourself. Use fear as a compass to push you toward bringing your best creative work to life. Instead of trying to escape it, seek out what that fear is teaching you about yourself and your creative pursuits. All you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

The difficult is confronting the difficult of failure. Go into the path of gradually built your audience and work. Say yes to your journey, be brave and boldness. Bravery is for everybody. The only way to make a difference is to be better at whatever that we think we are.


How does fear influence your work and creative process? Let me hear your stories in the comments!





Olá, sou Darruda, você é bem vindo! Algumas coisas que você precisa saber sobre mim: Sou designer gráfico e ilustrador no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. Eu me concentro no valor conceitual das imagens. Eu uso elementos mínimos para criar um logotipo. Eu conto histórias com minhas ilustrações. Eu tenho uma marca de camisetas divertidas chamada Darruda T-shirts. Estou disponível para parcerias e licenciamento de imagens existentes. Não perca minha loja e meu blog.

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