How New Friends Influence Health, Happiness, and Productivity


Uan Uan was a monk who meditates on the high mountains of Wylie in Tibet, a ritual he had made for a thousand years. His magical powers enable him of levitating over the mountains and keeping away from anything that was happening around. Something magical and powerful. Someday, something different was on his way. He saw another man, doing the same magic. “What! You too? said Uan Uan. It was another monk with the same power. It was amazing to build a friendship. They started to talk and became best friends until today.

. . .


When you are single, out of college, most of your old friends are settled down, and you really don’t have anyone to hang out with… what do you do to make new friends?

As an adult, this only really happens at work and the age differences can be difficult. Sports, Hobbies, social groups are all the sort of activities that replace the classroom of yesterday.

Adult life makes most of your regular tasks revolve around a small group of people (workmates, family, flatmates), you need to find regular contact groups outside that subset to build new friends in life.

Some research shows that new friends are the best predictors of happiness and daily productivity and have profound implications for physical health and longevity.

Don’t discriminate age. They all contribute to your productivity in life in some way and you need to respect everyone. Basically, talk to anyone who is willing to talk to you. Be sure to listen as well. Friendship will come as a consequence.


What tips do you have to make new friends? Do you have some monk magic? Let me in hear you in the comments!



“Friendship … is born at the moment when one man says to another “What! You too? I thought that no one but myself” is a quote by C.S. Lewis


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